June 20: OJ’s star is finally shining on Tahidi High

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Dynamic duo of Omosh and OJ on the Tahidi High show back in the day. Courtesy of ghafla.com

Finally, a snitch disclosed what went down in the fight that saw Farouk and Pablo end up in hospital. He even revealed what they were fighting about. The staffroom is silent as they listened to what happened and how things went down.

OJ — scratch that — Teacher OJ has a flashback of his days as a Tahidi High student. He goes on to narrate how he and Freddie were in competition about Tanya. He laughs about the whole incident of how they ended up fighting with Freddie because he stole Tanya from him. Mr Kilunda reminds him of how he got into a punishment because he fought for her.

The boys, Jacob and his crew, are assembled in the staffroom and they try to lie about what happened during the fight. They they finally own up and tell the truth, after which they are given a punishment of uprooting a tree stump each.

Meryl is back, and she is back for the long haul now, after her little episode break. When she comes back and she finds OJ as a teacher she remembers their first meeting. Turns out OJ had was hitting on her but his approach failed and she ran away from him in haste.

He runs into her and she looks familiar but he just pays a compliment to them and moves on.

OJ moves on to the library to meet Mwikali , the librarian. You’ll know she has a thing for Rohan but she seems to want to play with everyone — even Omosh and OJ. OJ goes all smooth on her and tells her that she has caught him. He goes on to ask her out on a date but she does not seem interested in him. But she finally budges and tells him she’ll think about it.

Omosh has been tracking OJ and waits for him to get outside the Library and stops him. He warns her about going out for schools girl and he tells him that he wasn’t going after them. Before Omosh even finishes his sentence, Mwikali aka Mwiks comes out to tell OJ the date is on and Omosh is not so happy.

My rating

You remember how last week I complained how the show is slowing down? This week they are doing so good and they have been able to develop OJ as a character that makes the show fun and easy to watch. This week I give it a 7.5/10.


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