The twists and turns on June 21’s Aziza on Citizen TV

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Mosi Aziza’s Step Mom

As you already know Chacha is now wide awake after a few weeks of being in a comma. He woke up still remembering the pain that Aziza had caused him. He says he does not want to see her at all. At least that is what Mosi told her step daughter when she came to the hospital to see her.

Chacha’s former wife and Aziza’s biological mother is in town. This is after Malkia Fay called her about Chacha’s condition and told her that things were not so good with her ex husband. She visits Malkia Fay and Fay tells her to tell Aziza to back down from trying to become the face of Fay Creations. Things go south for Fay when Aziza’s mother refuses to tell her daughter to back down. She walks out on Fay and goes to pick a phone call from Aziza telling her that she had been chased out by Chacha.

Chiku and Alpha finally get alone time this time. However when Bobo finds Zayne’s car parked outside he goes ham on the door and tries to get in. When Binti finds her outside she chases him away by threatening to call him a thief. However Chiku and Alpha can’t get it on and he leaves. When Chiku tells her mother what happened she gets all excited because her plan seems to be coming together but gets angry when she realizes that Alpha didn’t give her the money.

Chacha’s ex wife gets mad after she learns that Chacha had chased out Aziza. She pays him a visit not a good one though. She shouts at him for failing to understand Aziza’s talent and telling him that Mosi is brainwashing him with her many lies and that he has to think about what he is doing to her child.

Mosi turns all nice to Aziza and gives her some money and some food to take to her father. She is mad to even think about anything and when Binti interferes she is told to keep quiet or she will find herself in more trouble. The show ends with Alpha approaching Bobo and telling him to help him get Aziza to work as the face of Fay Creations.

My rating

I liked the show it was really nice. I give it a 10/10. It was lovely watching it and it is not at all disappointing. The show is taking so many twists and turns that I like.



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