June 22’s The Trend: Amina came back with a bang

Amina Abdi with Mr Seed on NTV’s The Trend.

Mr Seed opened the show owith a lovely performance together with his group of dancers (Sibling Dancers) who also turned up to show some love and support. It quite a longer-than-usual opening performance and he did some nice songs — from Kumbe Kumbe to his latest track Gwara Gwara. Sibling Dancers who also did not disappoint with their interesting moves.

Mr Seed’s interview was the first. He talked about his gospel music journey and how he hit rock bottom in 2015. He did not have any song and no one called him for an end-of-year gig, almost a guarantee for any gospel artiste worth his salt, and everyone seemed to have forgotten about him.

He had given up on music and was planning to give up. He recorded Kumbe Kumbe in mid 2016 then sent it to Bahati and asked the Barua hit maker what he thought about it. That led to Bahati’s participation in the song. Their collabo and became a 2017 club banger.  He was, however, very reluctant to ask for votes for Groove Awards.

The show also featured Dos and Wamuyu Kariuki and their plan to visit the world on motor bikes. Isn’t that awesome? They discussed why they wanted to do this, the cost implications and how they made that decision. They love travelling, by the way, and they have kids. But that is not stopping them from doing this.

A new segment was introduced on the show. Voices on Radio is a segment that is going to be highlighting guys on the radio scene. The segment kicked off with Mike Mondo of Classic 105, Cate Sidede of Kiss 100, Ann Nyambura of Capital FM and Neville for HBR.

They shared their personal stories — from Mike Mondo growing poor and his struggles to Cate Sidede growing up in Israel to doing an online radio shows to landing in Kiss. Then Neville talked about starting out as a radio presenter on USIU radio. He messaged GMoney 46 times and finally he agreed and listened to his show and was given a job on the spot.

Kymo also stepped into the show and gave his story and his projects. He also had a baby and has been doing well without Stigah. He also launched his song Vuvuzela which has been doing well.

My rating

The show was totally nice and it did not disappoint. The show gets a rating of 9/10 for me — a huge rise from last week, which means they shouldn’t let someone else sit in for Amina. She has branded her show well.



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