Can you wait for a jailed spouse? Hot debate on June 27’s Classic FM



The morning conversation was inspired after Mike Mwendwa (who stood in for Maina Kageni) read about a lady who had been featured in an article.

The lady has been faithful for 28 years after her husband was sent to jail in 1990. She said she will remain faithful since they made church vows that only death can do them apart.

It brought a lot of heat on Twitter, especially from the ladies. Most of them said that they can’t wait for a man even if he is jailed for a year. The moment he is convicted, they opined, their relationship is also arrested.

A man called and said that this breed of women is to be feared. The women tear you apart even when you are alive, even the married women still have mpango wa kando so being in jail doesn’t change things, he said.

A woman said that men should stop making women look bad. She said she is 28 years at the moment and 28 years to come, she will be too old — past her menopause.

She added that there is no way she will waste her youthfulness.

Another woman called and brought reality on the table, saying that if it were the woman in jail the man would move on either way.


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