A party, a funny relationship triangle the highlight of June 26’s Tahidi High


Mr Kilunda and Omosh, actors of the Tahidi High programme on Citizen TV. (Courtesy of Classic 105)

Turns out Maya was serious about the party after all. Vanessa has helped her put it together and she is leaving nothing to chance even her dress. She wears a dress underneath her school wear; a nice white dress and it was a bit small though.

Nessa, as she fondly calls Vanessa, doesn’t agree with the choice and tells her to change it. As she is about to change Pat walks in and Vanessa invites her to the party but Maya doesn’t want her at the party. Pat insults her and leaves to go back to class.

OJ realises teaching is not one of those professions as he thought. He is told there is a performance contract and that he will be assessed. He leaves in a hurry and he thinks of going to Mwikali “Mwiks” the librarian.

Last week, they had planned for a coffee date but Mwiks did not go to the party. He confronts her and she gives him an attitude and apologises half_heartedly. She (Mwiks) calls Rohan and asks why he does not visit her any more. We now know why she cancelled her date with OJ its Rohan. she obviously likes him and he kind of developed feelings for the guy.

Omosh and OJ meet up to talk about Mwiks. Apparently Mwiks had told OJ that even the gardener had known him as a player. When OJ confronts Omosh about what he told Mwiks, they end up realising that maybe — just maybe — they are being played by the girl they like.

Anyway, Form 2B gets wind of the party that Maaya has been planning and Pablo confronts her and she says invitations will be sent out. She even invites her crush “Nick” for free and of course Chloe.

Pat throws shade at Maya saying the party isn’t even hers but Pat’s Maya in her fashion throws back some equally good shade at her by telling her that all her clothes are Kenya Uniform. Pat wants to have a comeback but Mr Karimi comes into the class and he gives them a surprise CAT.

The party preparations are underway and Vanessa is seen doing the prepping and when her mum walks out she finds Maya. She almost chases her away for what she did to Vanessa but Vanessa defends her and says they fixed things. Nessa tells her that she should have waited for her call but who could blame her she was anxious for her party.

My rating

I would rate the show a definite 8.5/10. The show is good and it had some good drama and some suspense to it. Finally, the show is shaping up and bringing out more outdoor scenes — which is good.



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