Why June 27’s Aziza on Citizen TV deserved a 10/10 rating

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Lilly, a character in the Aziza show on Citizen TV.

On the June 27 episode of Aziza on Citizen TV, Bobo meets up with Alpha and they talk about Aziza and Zayne. Bobo talks about his deal with Bella and how he still wants to have Aziza. He (Alpha) gives him money and tells him to catch up once in a while. Alpha seems to be planning something.

Aziza visits her father at the hospital and he still does not want anything to do with him. He even refuses her food and she tries to convince him to eat and that she is still his daughter. He wants nothing to do with her and she leaves off.

Mosi meets with Aziza’s real mother and tries to talk to her nicely. Mosi tries to be kind but she sees past her niceties and tells it to her straight. The thing is that she is nothing but a wife snatcher and that she was nothing but a fake friend who wanted to pass of as a good friend but she was just a snake she leaves her seated at the hotel.

Toti, Aziza’s producer is attacked by goons and Alpha warns him not to record her music ever again. They then beat him up and leave him almost for dead. When Aziza calls him he doesn’t pick and when he came to the studio he tells her it is for the better that he leaves him and she looks for another studio. Aziza leaves to go and looks for Zayne thinking he is the one who has caused all these problems. But Alpha calms her down and gives her a contract to sign with Fay Creations.

Alpha is busy sowing seeds of discord for Zayne and Aziza; he tells Zayne that Bella has been working with Bobo to end his feelings for Aziza. Zayne is enraged and goes to look for Bella and he raises his voice and even goes to the extent of choking poor Bella and tells her to back off.

Turns out Aziza’s problems do not seem to be ending. She comes home and Mzee Chacha who has been discharged from the hospital. He is throwing Aziza out of his house Mosi is the one tasked with doing this and when she tries to explain herself the door is shut on her.

My rating

The drama just got kicked a notch high. If you thought things are going to be boring, then things are not about to go your way. I give this week’s Aziza a 10/10.





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