The Trend on June 29: Surprise for Amina on her birthday; Groove Award winners get candid

Amina Abdi with Masterpiece on June 29’s episode of #The Trend.

The show kicked off by a performance by the cast of Sarafina. The performance at first marred with hiccups due to some technical hitches but it finally happened. The performance of ‘Our Father’ was oh-so-good.

Anyway, the other performance that did it for me was that of Steve Kapella what you would consider Kenya’s Bryson Tiller. Though he got on the show a bit late, he did a wonderful and fantastic job.

Amina’s first interview was that by Stuart Nash, the director of the play Sarafina, and Brenda Wairimu who will be the lead character Sarafina, Mkamzee Mwatela and Hellen Mtawali.

The interview did not only touch on the play but also on private lives. For instance, the role of Hellen Mtawali in the acting and music industry.

Brenda Wairumu also got candid about her acting career and quitting her TV job to focus on acting. The play and performance of actors also came into focus and the role it plays in one’s acting career.

The other interview that caught my eye was that of Masterpiece who talked about his music career and how he has risen through the ranks to become one of Kenya’s top gospel acts.

Amina always does her research and showed her a picture from three years back; from his first interview. He also talked about his new songs and was not afraid to mention that Moji Short Baba was the one who wrote them.

Amina also asked about his “beef” with Teddy B, which apparently never happened, or at least he denied it happened. His relationship with J Blessing who shot his video also came into focus. He fondly remembers him and how he has helped him navigate his career in the gospel industry.

Guardian Angel completed his media tour on the Trend. He had been doing a thank-you media tour for his win at the Groove Awards as the Artist of the Year.

He got candid and said he did not expect to win the award and how he thought that he did not win the Male Artist of the Year and did not expect to win the Artiste of the Year. He also introduced his producer Vickie Pondis who has been producing him for the last one year.

The show ended with a birthday surprise for Amina. Her friends and some staff at the Nation Media Group  came to see her. It was her birthday and it was a nice show.  Happy belated birthday to Amina.

My rating

The show was good very good. It mixed up almost all arts and for that we give the show a rating of 7.5/10. The show is good and I liked it but those technical hitches are just annoying and someone needs to fix them.


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