Are chubby women lazy and stinky? Weighty debate on Classic 105’s July 3 show



A recent study showed that more than half the men in Kenya would leave their wives if their women grew fatter.

And the other half says that even if they remain faithful, they will be fantasising about other women who look better.

The question today was: Why leave her instead of supporting her?
Twitter was on fire.

A man said fat women sleep a lot and they complain they are tired every time.
Another man said he will not struggle with work all day and come home to roll another tyre.

Another man called and said fat women smell bad due to frequent sweating and it’s soo hard to satisfy them sexually.

A woman called and said that people these days get married for wrong reasons like sex, money and great body shape and not for what it used to be.

That’s why they leave when one of those pleasures is not been offered, the woman continued.

She concluded that marriage should be for better for worse.

Many women condemned the guy that talked about fat women and smelling, saying that hygiene has nothing to do with body weight since petite women smell too.

A man called and said men are visual and sex with an ugly woman won’t be fun and he supported the fact that big women do have an odour.

He added that a lot of women give in to their cravings when pregnant and that’s the main reason for gaining excess weight.

My rating

I rate today’s show at 9/10. The topic involved a medical research that tackled real-life issues in marriage and the feedback was lively and both men and women took part.


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