Party brings back Queen’s dark past on July 3’s Tahidi High

Tahidi promo

Tahidi High has been doing a slow but gradual change from the school setting to other settings. This week, the show was set at Nessa’s place. She was having that party  I have been telling you about for a while.

Last week, Nessa was spilling fire all over Maya; but things have changed quickly. Maya is taking charge. Turns out she doesn’t want to share the money collected for the party. She tells her she will cover her share and won’t give Vanessa any money.

The party is really kicking in and everyone seems to be having fun until Samara notices that the juice is a bit spiked. When she raises the issue with the friend she says she is okay since she drinks anyway. When she tells Ashley her sister that she wants to go home she raises hell and refuses to go home. They argue and she is mad because she feels Samara will mess it up for her at home.

Meanwhile Jacob is about to get the party lit. He dares a dance off between him and Ashley and Ian. He teams up with his crush Chloe. They go to the first round and when they are about to get a bit better then Farouk walks in. His beef with Jacob is not yet done and buzzed Chloe throws herself at Farouk. Jacob is left there looking all stupid and lonely. When he goes trying to get Chloe back he gets into a fight with Farouk and he gives him one blow which leaves him all confused and all.

The party has gone from a mere hot dogs and juice party to a clubbing scene. Guys are grinding and having fun. Nessa is in a bad panic mood and she can’t understand how to kill it. she asks Mrs Ngatia about the food and she tells them it has been spiked and there is nothing she can do. When Queen walks in with a friend she can’t understand what is happening and Nessa comes running to her. When they put her to task about the party she almost feels like crying. Queen remembers being raped at a party and starts getting hysterical at the end of the show and her friend helps her leave.

My rating

I rate the show a solid 8.5/10. I like the bold step the production crew is taking to change scenery once in a while. It is good but I can almost guess the next episode there will be some case about this party. I think it is better if they worked on a plot that works better than that — like a bigger scandal other than just a case.  


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