July 4: Hot debate on Classic on why men are allowed to be polygamous but not women

Juliet Macharia


Today’s topic was brought up by Mike Mwenda who said that during his experience as a radio presenter, he has gathered that men always have an affair but women are not allowed to; and that once women cheat, they are never forgiven — unlike the men who tend to move on with their marriage like nothing happened.A man called and said that women don’t pay dowry so there is no way they can marry two men; but a man can marry as many as he wants as long as he is capable.

A man called and said that men are dominant; that even in religion, men are allowed to have multiple women and claimed that when a woman sleeps with a man, she remains with a gene from the man.

The genes claim irked a woman, who fired back through a call that men also come back with bad traits from the women they have cheated with. She advised married people to try forgive each other since human is to error.

A man called and gave an example with a cock. It’s surrounded by many hens and the same case goes to men. He went ahead and gave an example from the Bible where the sinful woman was to be stoned after she was caught with multiple men, meaning that women should be faithful to one man.

My rating
I rate the show at 8/10 since the topic was interesting. But it’s funny how men tend to hide behind the Bible thinking that they are not sinful because the Bible says this and that.


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