Mark Masai’s big interview with William Ruto


Mark Masai and William Ruto

After a huge along week of advertising and hyping, Mark Masai finally sat down with William Ruto during July 8  prime time bulletin on NTV . Putting aside the online chatter about him, let’s read between the lines and actually look at the major issues Mark raised and how Ruto responded to them.

William Ruto’s wealth

Everyone was waiting with bated breath for William Ruto to say how much he is worth. Unfortunately, that did not seem to come out of his mouth. He even tried defending himself and saying the only house he owns is the one in Karen


Mark got the privilege to get ahead of a story on The Standard about the rot in the SGR management and how Kenya is paying a lot of money. Ruto almost gave him a dressing down and said “SGR is not a matatu” and that it would soon break even in the end of the year.

 Lifestyle audit and graft claims in Government

William was put to task over the issue that is corruption in government. From the breaking of NYS 1 and 2 to the many other scandals that have come up. Ruto appeared livid even pointing to the fact that they are doing everything they can to make sure that they have stamped out corruption. When he was further pressed by Mark, he tried to downplay the issue by pointing out they have been able to implement other projects without corruption.
When Mark asked about the disquiet of other members of parliament especially those allied to him, he fired back, asking Mark to name them. Mark failed to do so. Ruto however said he was ready for the lifestyle audit even though to him it looked like he was the only one being targeted, pointing to a newspaper which did an analysis of how much he owns.

Relationship with Uhuru

Mark asked about the issues in Jubilee. Jubilee has been having problems over the last couple of weeks.  He downplayed the issue saying: “Politics is not like a church where if everyone says you stand you stand you are bound to hit a snag here and there.”

He denied there being any problem and also downplayed reports of a split in Jubilee. In his words, everything is good and nice at Jubilee.

My rating

I think the interview was a good one. I would give it a rating of 7/10. Mark had the main questions but there were no good follow-ups. That is what he lacked. All in all, he tried and Mark is a talent to watch. He got Ruto at the point he wanted him to be; and he at some point almost caged him. But he did not follow up to the viewers’ satisfaction.


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