July 11’s Aziza on Citizen TV was so bland

lilly aziza

Tito talks to Zayne about what happened to him during his small run in with thugs. Tito narrates how he was abducted and beaten up and warned not to let Aziza record any songs. Zayne talks with him trying to establish the person/ people but he couldn’t make out any of the faces.

Chacha comes back to the show and goes to his former employee Malkia Fay. Malkia Fay narrates how Aziza “poisoned” Alpha to give her. she even goes ahead to tell Chacha that he can no longer work there because they will be two people in a family working together. Lilly walks in as Malkia Fay is almost chasing Chacha away. He defends Chacha and even promises to have him get a pension. Fay tries to refuse him his pension but Lilly prevails upon her. Lilly is like an antidote to Fay.

Zayne confronts Bobo thinking he was the one who planned the attack on Tito. Bobo tells him that he is no longer into Aziza and she has left her now. Zayne punches him and beats him up after the argument fails to die down.   Bobo goes to Bella who helps him by tending to his wounds. If I don’t know any better I would say those two are starting to get too close to each other.

Mosi sends Chiku to go and sleep with Alpha and get some money from him. She goes to Alpha’s home and they exchange some niceties and Chiku finally accepts to sleep with Alpha. When Chacha realizes that Chiku is not home Mosi down plays it. When Chiku returns in the morning and Chacha tries to reprimand her Mosi defends her and tells her to go to her room. Chiku goes to her room and breaks down because she actually did not like Alpha but she slept with her because her mother pressed her to do it.

The show missed some regulars and its main actor who only appeared in a flashback between her and her sister. Binti also did not appear this week; Lisa also was missing which made the show lose some of its usual vigor this week.

My Rating

The show has been doing well but this week it was a bit disappointing, I give it its lowest rating ever since I started doing the reviews for the show 8.5/10. The show needs to switch up the tempo and improve it a bit next week.



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