Mama Ashley and Mama Vanessa almost fight in July 10th Tahidi High

Tahidi promo

Samara calls Mama Ashley and tells her that the party at Vanessa’s home has gone out of hand and something needs to be done. She seems concerned and even calls Mrs Mutembei who was busy having a lovely weekend. Mrs Mutembei is blamed by Mama Ashley for the mess at Vanessa’s home she even exaggerates that there is even devil worship at the party.

Mrs Mutembei calls Mr Kiluna and they go in to Vanessa’s home and they find Mama Ashley there with a police officer and her reprimanding Ashley who is super wasted. Mrs Ngatia is also found intoxicated and she talks harshly to Mrs Mutembei and Mr Kilunda. Mama Vanessa who joined Mrs Mutembei and Mr Kilunda go into the house together with Mama Ashley and they find Vanessa on the couch crying and feeling helpless about what to do. Mama Ashley and Vanessa have an argument because Mama Ashley calls the police. The policeman ignored the whole story and just asks for a follow up report.

The show comes back to Tahidi High and the teachers are having a staff meeting when Karimi and Mr Baraza raise the issue of high cases of indiscipline in the school. Ms Ombija makes fun of Mr Kilunda and Mrs  Mutembei for attending an “invite only party”. They discuss the party and the level of indiscipline Ms Ombija tries to say that the students know too much nowadays and that it is hard to know what to do to discipline them.

Mrs Mutembei calls in Mrs Ngatia and she reprimands her for the behavior at the party. She tells her (Mrs Ngatia) that she needs to pick the work she does while off duty. When asked who spiked the drinks she does not know and tells Mrs Mutembei if she remembers she will tell her immediately without wasting time.

Maya calls her “babe” and they talk about what happened at the party. Maya tells him that she had so much fun at the party and that she watched and laughed as guys got drunk at the party. They exchange lovey dovey and when she hangs up Queen walks in and tells Maya to walk out with her phone. She matches her to the Deputy (Mrs Mutembei) and she asks Queen to report herself. Maya blames Mrs Ngatia for spiking the drinks.

My rating

I like the new plot twists. Things are turning into more outdoor scenes and the party scene did it for me. The problem comes with the soling of the cases. There needs to be more suspense on the show overall I give the show a 6.5/10.

Correction- Last week we ran a story saying that Samara and Ashley are sisters while in fact they are cousins on the show. We would like to correct this issue to clear up any issue like this.


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