Male-dominated debate on Classic 105 on whether a man should move into a woman’s house


Mike Mwenda evesdropped on men’s conversations, where they were saying that they cannot move in to a lady’s house no matter how broke they are. He wanted to know why.

King’ang’i said a man should not even sleep over at his woman’s home; that women should be the ones coming over.

Men blew Twitter up, calling Mike all sorts of names, wondering how he can support the motion. A man called to talk of his experience; that he was once married for 3 years but they had conflicts and they started living in different houses. But somehow they got back together later and according to his job convenience, he had to move in to her house.

But immediately that happened, she started acting like the man of the house, coming back after two days and treating him differently and when he moved out, it took the woman two weeks for her to realise he isn’t in the house anymore.

He advised men to avoid such degradation by simply letting the woman be the one to move in.

A man called and said that Mike is bewitched because of supporting the motion.

He told him a Kikuyu proverb that says: “If you ever sleep on a woman’s bed, you will one day sleep on the floor.”

He said that a man shouldn’t fall for that trap. He’d rather struggle on his own.

Finally, a woman called and said that there is no problem with a man staying in a woman’s place; that the problem comes when this man has a tendency to behave in an unpleasant manner. He will think you are acting up because you are at his place but that isn’t always the case.

My rating
I rate the show at 7/10 since it never got opinions from a lot of females. Most of them were men.


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