Dr King’ori’s Wicked Edition moves to Friday as ‘Mafundi’ occupies Monday


Dr King’ori, the host of NTV’s The Wicked Edition. COURTESY| Nairobi News


The Wicked Edition programme that has gained a horde of fans for its humour and snappy presentation style has been moved from the Monday evening slot in programming changes on NTV.

On its place is Mafundi, a comedy show depicting the lives of Kenyan fundis, their cunning ways and the crazy customers they interact with.

The Wicked Edition, hosted by Dr King’ori, now moves to 7.30pm on Friday.

In the same vein, the Mchungaji programme that used to air at 7.30pm on Wednesdays at NTV has now been dropped, and its place has been taken by a new drama focusing on the lives of campus students.

The 7.30pm slot on Sundays did not have a regular programme and will now be taken up by a reality series on the life of gospel artiste Bahati.

The programming changes come as a rebranded NTV seeks to shore up its market share.



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