July 17: Maya is arrested and Mrs Ngatia’s job hangs in balance on Tahidi High


Mr Kilunda and Omosh (courtesy of Classic 105)

It seems the ghosts of the party aired on previous episodes of Tahidi High on Citizen TV are not going to be going anywhere especially for Maya. Remember how I told you the police are going to be ignoring the issue about the party. Well they do not forget now do they?

Inspector Allan is back from the Department of Criminal Investigations. This time he was doing interviews and taking statements from everyone. He started with Vanessa and she gave her blow by blow account of how the party went down. From the preparation of the food and how the party went haywire.

Nick is next in the interviews. He sits and he gives one statement that almost links Maya to the spiking of the drinks at her party.  He says that Maya looked suspicious in the kitchen and got frightened when he walked in. She goes on to even tell him that he should not take any of the drinks in the place. His testimony seems to squarely point to Maya.

Mrs. Ngatia gets called in to give her side of the story. She goes in worried that she might lose her job. She goes there and gives her side of the story. She says she did not put anything in that food or drinks. When she is about to leave she asks about the security of her job but Mrs Mutembei tells her that only God knows about that and no one else.

Meanwhile Jacob and his friend have a bad day about to go down for them. They want to go back to being friends with Byron, Farouk and the cool kids of Tahidi High. They force Jacob to wear a dress complete with Makeup and everything. This is not his day they then force him and his friend to go to the office.

OJ finds them and he makes them sing Who Runs the World? Girls by Beyonce. Mrs Kilunda and Mrs Mutembei stumble upon them and they are forced to explain why Jacob and his friend are in dressed.

Queen is summoned to the library where the interviews are taking place. When asked whether she spiked the drinks she denies and she insists that it was not her. She refuses to answer the questions and the Inspector arrests her and takes her to the station. Poor Maya.

My rating

I rate the show 9.5/10. The suspense, the drama was just too nice for me not to talk about it. The show was good overall and the story plots are somehow fusing together. The fight and the party seem to be what is being built on here.


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