Twists and turns are back on July 18’s Aziza on Citizen TV


Benjamin Komora aka Zayne from Aziza

Zayne and Alpha know the truth about Lilly and Lisa being their sister. Malkia Fay explains to Zayne why he did not want this to be known. She says she just wanted to keep the honour of their father.

Alpha on the hand sits down with Lilly and she lets her heart out to Alpha. She says she apologized and that she did not intend for it to happen. She goes on to explain how Ron(Malkia Fay’s Husband) did not find any peace at home or at work. Fay was always shouting at him and that he would have ended up with another woman still.

Alpha and Zayne talk about this situation. Zayne seems skeptical about the whole thing and thinks Lisa is now an obstacle. Alpha seems a bit more open minded and views her not as competition because she is just a kid.

Alpha decides to team up with Lilly. He forgives her and says he is willing to work with her but she has to stop drinking. She says she cannot because it helps her forget her problems and mostly her memories of Ron. She promises to stop however.

Binti and Bobo shows up at Aziza’s place. They try to tell her that Fay Creations is not the place to work and that she should stop working there. Aziza chases them away and goes back to her place.

Chiku is still struggling with what she did with Alpha. She seems to be regretting day by day. Her mother brings her food but she refuses to eat. She tries to call Aziza but Aziza gets a flashback about her sister having been blamed for her sister’s transgressions with Alpha. She refuses to answer her calls and sleeps.

When Chiku mother gets her to open the door she tries an orthodox pregnancy test and she tells her that they have to go to hospital. She drags her to the hospital and even keeps Chacha quiet to keep her quiet. She confronts Alpha and they have an argument and Lisa hears everything. Alpha refuses to father the child and tells her that he will handle everything.

My rating

I will give this show a rating of 9.5/10. The drama and suspense is back and everything is back on track. I do not like the pace though and fluctuations but maybe they want to show us the highs and lows of life on the show which is not bad.


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