July 20: Things we learnt from and about Chronixx on The Trend


Amina Abdi (Courtesy of zipo.co.ke)

Chronixx showed up at July 20’s edition of The Trend ahead of his performance at KICC. Here are a few things that caught my eye during the interview.

He does not think men are to blame for the objectification of women

Chronnix does not think that men are to blame for the objectification of women. He explained his thoughts by saying that women seem to be content in appearing in videos like that and that no one has said a song is bad. His logic being that if the first video made like that was deemed rubbish then it would have never been ever repeated by anyone.

This is Chronixx’s 4th time in Kenya

Prior to this I thought Chronixx was coming to Kenya for the first time. Turns out I was wrong and that it was the fourth time. This time he would be performing at the KICC. However he said that his favorite place that he got mad love was Ethiopia.

His love for football

Chronnix is a huge football fan. He did not support any exclusive team in the world cup but is a huge Arsenal Fan. He however followed up on every team and match and made sure to watch every game. He also plays lots of Fifa and is good at it though he says he cannot do it professionally he was actually surprised people do it professionally on the show.

His father has had influence on his music a lot

Having grown up in a musical family his father influenced him to try out music. His father Chronicle wrote for his first song when he was 5 and he recorded the song for him. His father worked with him in the start of his career and that is what he grew up.

He stopped with him a bit but he worked with him in his new album Chronology. He describes that it was a fun experience working with him recording with him and just him influencing the way the album would come out. His father is the only person he has collaborated with him.

He castigated music journalists

He seemed to make sure that he has hit on the media for not going in depth and lack of objectivity with their work. He criticized journalists for just writing stories that people hear on the street and emphasized that they should go back to the street.

My rating

I would rate the interview a 9.5/10. One thing with Amina is that she comes very prepared and this time she did not disappoint. However, something happened at the start of the interview — a technical glitch. I feel like I complain every week and every week she just says its normal for normal TV to have it. Maybe I should just keep quiet about it.


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