July 21: Fena and Phy get candid on first episode of In House


Poster for In House show

NTV has been premiering new shows and this day was the day for In House to premier. The show which is a Tatua Films production will be featuring artistes who will be telling their stories. This week was Fena and Phy who were to premier on the show.

Fena talked about her music and how it has slowly transitioned. Fena has slowly moved into the mainstream compared to a few years back when her music was considered a bit up town. She has however been able to appeal to make her music a bit funkier. She however still says her music is still Afro soul.

She also talked about her Album Phenomenal. She says she put a lot of heart in the Album. she also talked about her management and being able to work with just one management  team(she has changed management 15 times )she is just not yet found what she has been looking for.

She also talked about her collaborative work with Fena, Mayonde, Muthoni the Drummer Queen and Kagwe for the club bangers Kama Kawaida and Party Nation. Apparently it was Muthomi the Drummer Queen’s idea and she called them just to chill out and see what would happen if they recorded music together.

The interview also asked some few soft ball questions such as favorite places to visit(she wants to do  a world tour one day) and places she eats and favorite places to eat (Mwenda’s and she loves places with Ugali and Fish).

Phyllis Mwihaki was next on the show. She talked about so many things. Turns out she grew up in the country side and started living in Nairobi in 2011 when she moved for school.

She never thought she would ever do music. According to her it was not on her priority list she just started doing her music. She did music for 4 years before her song was even played on radio. At some point she even wanted to quit her music career and focus on her studies (she was a Real Estate Student).  Her highlight she says was winning a singing competition on Maisha Magic and being featured on CNN African Voice. She also says she wears her head wrap because of her forehead and they have earned her a world stage for fashion shows in London.

 My rating

I would give the show a rating of 9.5/10. I have a bias a bit about recorded live shows. They seem too perfect also it is a bit one year old. However I like the way the artist gets to tell the story no interruptions. I hope the next season will be better.


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