Land issues dominate July 24’s Sidebar on NTV

sidebarThe reloaded Sidebar talk show on NTV ran its second episode on Tuesday and it was not disappointing. The show had a lot in store and here are some of the things that went down on the show.

Mijungu’s scathing “My Take”

Ken Mijungu has introduced a new segment where he gives his weekly opinion on some of the issues that the media reports on. This week it was a bit scathing and that is not just because I feel like saying that. He focused on the failed attempt by former Kenya Power Boss Ben Chumo on his appointment to SRC.  He then poked holes into the president’s attempt on fighting corruption and finishing with his sayings that heads must roll.

Ruaraka Land issue

he then got to delve into the issues of the day which were Ruaraka Land saga and the Mau issue. his guests presented a lot of opinions and issues that caught my eye.

For instance Members of Parliament and Senate Joshua Kuttuny and Moses Kagwang offered a lot of context and history about the issue. For instance the pointed out the scandal started in 1982 and has continued on till now and has been a thorny issue.

Shceaffer Okore offered her own views which were that this was just theft at its best and that there is nothing new in Kenya. On the other hand Joshua Kiptoo offered a different perspective of advice of following the red flags. He even went out to weigh in on where the Senate should focus on the issue such as where is the paper trail? Who is responsible for what?

The need for a value based system in the country to avoid the high costs of the land in the country. Other things that also came up are the need to find out the people who are responsible for this irregular purchase.

The Mau land issue also came up. Kuttuny who in 2009 was part of the people who wanted people to stay in Mau and that no one moved was put to task over it. Ms Okore pointed out that there is someone bigger than the people who are being shown as squatters.  The politicization of Mau has become an impediment to solve the issue has become the most interesting that almost came up when famous cartoonist and media strategist came up with a newspaper from 2009 on the deal Raila brokered between Rift Valley leaders on the issue of the Mau.

My rating

Ken is slowly building a small audience and has established a different line of question. He seems like a thorough conversationalist. However he at some point gave Scheaffer Okore a bit of a black out on the Ruaraka Land issue but I guess he did not find a place to slide in her sentiments. I give the show 8.5/10



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