July 24: The love triangle gets more pointed in Tahidi High

David Mwenda

By David Mwenda

Seems like OJ never takes no for an answer. He is still pushing to get Mwiks and she is trying to make sure that he gets her. He is literally pulling out every card from the table. He gives her a gift and a card which is allegedly written by Omosh because the English there is daunting as hell. Anyway he leaves and goes to staffroom.

Guretti who wants to stick it to Rohan starts hitting on OJ. He even gets interested and Rohan gets pissed off and leaves. Way to go Guretti I mean you just made two men who are in competition get even more aggressive to each other. Mr Baraza asks OJ why he never has schemes of work and how he goes to class without any books. He tells him you are not my supervisor and no one questions the way he teaches you should move away.

Mwikali opens the package she had been sent and finds a rubber snake. She runs out of the library to find Rohan outside. He finds out that it is just a rubber snake. When he asks who had sent the rubber snake and she gets cagey about it. She even tells him she can take care of herself (ironical). He leaves off and goes to use the library and she leaves off to go threaten Omosh about playing her sick games like he did.

We finally got to see OJ teach and he taught a drama class. He does make the unconventional type of teachers. The ones who never know there is a syllabus to be followed and teach you according to what he thinks should be taught. He gives some few role play acts but he makes Chloe and Ian play out a scene where Ian gives her a gift and it is a “rubber snake”. This guy is twisted and it is not a secret Omosh secretely watches him from outside the hall and calls him.

When he confronts him if he was the one who had put the rubber snake OJ tells him that “Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka”. Omosh grabs him by the collar and OJ threatens him but Omosh does not seem to be bothered that he is a teacher and he is just the subordinate staff.

My rating

The whole show was just edgy and good and I loved it. I would give the show a 7.5/10. It is just a nice show and the plot is developing into a love triangle and the party scene is still featuring. But still I wish more could be done to reorganize it better.


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