Key quotes from Wetang’ula’s News Night premiere with Hussein Mohammed on July 24


If you thought Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed had lost his edge at interviews then you need to think again. The premiere of News Night should probably make you think again and reorganise your thoughts on the top journalists in the country.

For the first ever show he hosted the former Senate minority leader Moses Wetang’ula. The interview touched n a lot of issues and being Moses Wetangula’s second interview since he sat with Sophia Wanuna, it was going to be a good interview.

Wetang’ula has sat with the top journalists on my list and so far he has come out okay for now. But we have to analyze some of the quotes he made on the show.

On whether he is leaving NASA

 “My head and body are not in Nasa but I am still there because I am a law-abiding citizen.”

Wetangula is someone who said that Nasa is dead a few weeks ago. His statements border between lie and truth and half truths; what politicians are good at doing. Though he said that means that 2022 there is going to be a new coalition that he is going into. Though soft spoken he seems to be cunning and tactical. However his base was purged by Jubilee in the 2017 election and he seems to have a very little national appeal.

His version of events on what happened on January 31

“Raila had told us that it was going to be a dangerous affair and that he could be arrested and he needed to be sure that there was someone to fight for him.”

This is another story; you know I am now really wondering what really happened between the four Nasa principals. I am not so sure what happened. For ANC side they were told to switch their phones, the Ford Kenya party was told to stay back to fight for Raila and ODM showed up to the man at Uhuru Park. The big question boils down to who is lying to whom? And why are they lying to us.

On his removal from office of minority leader at Senate

“I was told I was good but my goodnesss ended on the 31st of January. They then engineered a campaign to say that I am aloof and that I was out of touch.”

What really catches my eye is the fact that he seems to be choosing his angles very wisely. He is doing a spin campaign to make it looks like he is a victim of circumstances. However, he is playing too cautious not to spook his rival too much and not to make it look like he is the victim. I would advise him to be more aggressive and choose an issue and rally for it. Make it look like Raila is the bad man get off his shadow and burn the goddamn bridge for once.

My rating

The interview was the highlight of my evening. Wetang’ula was calm but Hussein pushed and pushed hard. He made sure to pull the strings and got him sweating and agitated at some point. I would give the interview a rating of 9/10.


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