Alpha’s grand master schemes play out on July 25’s Aziza


Benjamin Komora aka Zayne from Aziza

This is what went down on the July 25 episode of Aziza on Citizen TV.

Aziza and Alpha visit Chacha at his home. The guy nowadays just sleeps at home. Aziza tries to apologise to him but he is rude and curt in his responses. He tells him that they have nothing to talk. Aziza and Alpha leave off Aziza in tears.

When she leaves, she insists on going to Toti to talk to him. Toti, who is her producer, refuses to talk to her. He does not open his door and when she calls him he says he does not want anything to do with Aziza.  When Alpha tries to talk to him he refuses to talk to him. It is weird this is the third time Aziza has tried to talk to him but he seems assertive on not helping her after he was beaten up.

Chiku is forced to go with a plan that Alpha and Mosi have worked on to put Zayne as the man responsible for her pregnancy. Alpha is turning out to be the darkest of the darkest characters in this series. Man he is just too much of a schemer. He has planned everything from taking Zayne’s car instead of taking his at Chiku’s place to planning to get Aziza to work at Fay Creations and going round her mother.

Chacha finds out Chiku is pregnant and they leave for Fay’s house. Chacha causes a stir at the place and Lilly and Fay go out and they find out that Zayne is responsible for the pregnancy of Chiku. Zayne comes home and finds the whole family outside the house. When he asks out what is going on he is shocked to hear he is responsible for Chiku’s pregnancy. He is just as shocked as I am. The whole thing is just getting twisted as ever.

It is obvious Alpha’s plan is slowly coming into place. Make Zayne look like the bad guy and responsible to make sure that he is the good guy in all of this. Clean out his own image as the good son and the one to possible inherit the helm of Fay Creations.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 10/10. It is finally coming back to its entertaining edge and I like that about it. The show is cultivating a suspense I want to see like what will happen to Chiku now? Will Aziza be able to record her song? What will happen to her career?





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