Trevor Ombija let Mudavadi be ambiguous on his August 5 interview

NTV  Poster for the Mudavadi interview

Musalia Mudavadi has granted two exclusive interview’s to the Nation Media Group. One on Daily Nation and one on NTV’s Weekend Edition; both being a follow up to an interview he had done earlier in April with Yvonne Okwara Matole.

However this interview is no different from the one he granted Yvonne went it comes to his ambiguity and non commitment to issues. Musalia is a tactful politician who is cautious about saying things which he may end up defending himself in another interview.

He remained on the middle ground of the interview when he was asked about the handshake. He had come out the next day after the handshake and said it was a deal between two people and not between Kenyans and that it needed to be felt on the ground also. However he came out here to say that he supported the step of both of them embracing and making nice. He however believed that a process needs to be followed to achieve a national dialogue. He remained neutral when he was asked whether he supports it when it comes to a yes or no answer. He however that it is important for electoral justice to be placed as an agenda.

Trevor put him to task on whether they supported the Government on its agenda. Mudavadi also here was reluctant as to whether ANC was supporting the government. He put it that they will support policies that are good and insisted that the need to have an opposition in a vibrant democracy. He even gave an example of the Labor and Conservatives coming together against leaving the European Union and Labor still the government to task. When he was asked about whether the opposition is dead in Kenya he said that they were not dead and that they are still not in government.

Asked about his relationship with Uhuru since he dumped him in 2013 he was cordial. He said that that was water under the bridge and that things have moved on since then. He seems not to have an opinion on that anymore and that things have moved on since then.

Trevor asked him what really happened on 30th January during the swearing in of Raila Odinga and what happened. He went on to talk about not believing in the whole swearing in thing as it was not enshrined in the constitution. He gave a brief description on what happened before and his beliefs at various NASA summit retreats.

My rating

I would the whole interview a 5/10; Trevor made it look like a soft interview and the follow ups were soft. He did look like he had done some research or whether he had done it whether it was done it was very scanty or did not have a delivery method to it. Being the second interview he has done with Musalia he could have done better but he didn’t.


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