Pato’s toilet problems on August 6’s Mafundi on NTV

Mafundi.jpgMafundi, one of the very new productions that NTV has purchased, debuted air a few days ago. So if you don’t watch it here is a bit of background behind the new show. Four people who fix things (local name for Fundi’s) Phapha, Thitima, Pato and their broker Sue (whose role is played by ‘Toklezea’ singer Chantelle) decide to start Mafundi Limited.

Phapha is a carpenter and he specializes in furniture, Thitima is a electronics specialist he fixes TVs and other electrical appliances while Pato is a plumber. On the other hand Sue is no specialist in fixing things she is like the office manager. She does communication, gets clients and generally manages things at the office and is like a representative to them when things go wrong.

So Pato gets a job fixing a toilet in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi. He goes in and fixes it but when the owner of the house comes back with a colleague from work and she asks if she can use the toilet then boom she comes out wet. He gives his colleague his wife’s dress. Things get complicated when his wife gets into the house and finds the other woman. She thinks they were doing some role playing. He gets furious and calls back Pato and he comes back with Sue to help out.  Sue tries to calm the client down though Pato does not seem to be apologetic about it but he fixes it and it ends up clearing the marriage problems.

Meanwhile Phapha gets a job with his previous client. She is a diplomat’s wife and Thitima calls him Madam Diplomat’s wife. Phapha is bad in English and cannot convince her to give him this job again. However Thitima comes in and saves the day for them and makes sure he gets the job. He uses this opportunity to threaten Phapha and makes him do everything in the office for him. From becoming his lab rat to test if two wires are live in an iron box to getting him tea. Phapha decides to change this and switches the number she had given him with his so that he does not threaten him again. When she comes to pick her stool she finds it all perfect and remarks nicely about it. When Thitima comes to apologize he makes things complicated because she had not been called by him at any time.  When he calls again he finds out its Phapha’s number and Phapha laughs at him.

My rating

The show seems to be a spin off to American TV series Scorpion, only that the challenges are day to day issues. The stories add up but the plot needs further development to fuse the show well. I give the show a rating of 6.5/10.




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