August 6: Tonie saves Zac from deep problems in My Two Wives

My two wives

My Two Wives poster

My Two Wives, the scintillating new drama on KTN Home, is taking an interesting twist.

The programme  revolves around Zacharia  “Zac” and his two wives Dama and Tonie.

Zac’s life now revolves around the two and they give him a share of drama. It was my first time watching the show but I am definitely watching it again and again.

Zac meets up with Martin they had been friends for a while. However, Martin seems to be planning something bad against Zac.  Martin gives him a bag and tells him he will collect it the next day. He gives him his number and they go separate ways.

Tonie gets a call from Monique and she apologises for causing trouble and fighting with her about Kevin. They agree not to fight about a man again. They make up and go on with their lives.

Meanwhile, Purity is having problems with her employer. She tells Dama she has not been paid for three months.

Dama advises her to sit down with her employer and they know what is wrong.

Few moments later, Purity comes back and tells her that things went bad. The sit-down with the employee turned into a big fight and she might get fired.

Dama says she did not tell her to strangle her employer. Purity stands up furious and goes out.

She (Purity) comes back with her employer’s seats back at Dama’s house.

Dama gets furious about it but tries to help Purity out. When they try to get them out of the house, the guy supposed to pick them up says he won’t make it that day.

This makes things even worse for Dama who has to clear those seats before Zac gets home. She tells him that she has a plan when Purity is almost busted by her boss and they come back laughing.

Meanwhile, Martin’s plan is falling into place. He has set Zac up perfectly. Zac is ambushed at his office by a lady and he is forced into her car. Tonie who has been stalking unwittingly him rescues him by throwing a tantrum.

They let him go  up. He realises that Martin is the problem and gets his bag.

When he opens the bag, he calls Martin and lets him know he knows what is in there.

They meet up and negotiate on 50-50 payment. However, when they go to split the money, Zac’s abductors show up and go with the money.

They also take Martin but Zac vouches for him and promises to keep him in line.

My rating

I give the show a 10/10. It is an awesome show and I was in awe from the onset. Its plot is well developed and there is some follow-through. You cannot be disappointed watching the show at all.


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