Chiloba talks his relationship with IEBC commissioner Akombe and Chariman Chebukati on Sidebar


Ezra Chiloba on Sidebar

Sidebar hosted IEBC’s most controversial CEO, Ezra Chiloba on the show. The embattled CEO talked to a lot of issues that are affected the IEBC. The CEO who seemed to have set up a media tour seems to be making a play for his job back or just clear his message.

Mr Chiloba who seems to be reflective of what happened on what happened on August 8th and October 26th Elections and wanted to clear up issues that came about on the elections. he explained a lot of issues on various elections positions and what happened.

Mr Chiloba was categorical that the servers were opened and that they were opened on both August 9th and on the Supreme Court elections. A cool and calm Chiloba went on to elaborate on everything and what happened. Explaining that it they were downloading the logs from the Safran OT Morpho servers and giving them to all people there.

He went on to say that the August 8th election was not compromised by the death of Chris Msando. He even went on to say that he did not have any passwords and no one was granted before the August 8th Election. He even went on to explain his relationship with the family of Msando and that he was planning a visit together with the Human Resources Team but was suspended when he was about to do the visit.

His relationship with Chebukati also came into question in the interview. Chiloba explained that their relationship was cordial before the elections and that he had tried to help him manage the elections after the August 8th election was nullified. He however went on leave a week before the election and went on to explain that he took the leave to protect his junior officers who were also being pried on to resign.

He went on to cast aspersions that his relations with Dr. Roselyn Akombe. He said that they worked together when it came to matters media and operations but he was left out when it came to some memos and that when he saw one memo he knew that it was either for leaking or for resigning. Though he cast aspersions that his relationship was rusty he also seemed to be showing that she was the one leaking memo’s to the public.

My rating

Ken Mijungu is evolving as a conversationalist and he asked the tough questions without batting an eyelid and kept the hype about the interview and for that he deserves a 9.5/10 for doing a splendidly nice interview. He nailed it and he needs to do more one on one interviews again.


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