Tahidi High has a new villain and it’s….

tahidi high

Mr Karimi, Ms Obija and Mr Kilunda (courtesy of Hivisasa.com)

Tahidi high takes a new twist. From Maya’s spiking drinks at a party to OJ trying to set up Omosh for sending Mwikali a plastic snake in order to get him out of the picture. Now things have taken a different twist; Ms Obija’s money has been stolen and she suspects Ms Gurretti and then Omosh.

She comes to the school and looks for Omosh and Kibunja and confronts them. She almost hits them but they run away and go to hide in the school’s forest.  Meanwhile Gurretti is mad at her colleagues and when Mr Kilunda and Mr Wanyama ask her what is wrong and she goes off on them and they are left surprised about what happened.

Ms Obija, Jenniffer and Mwikali go the deputy to complain about their money being stolen. Mrs Mutembei tries to call Kibunja and Omosh but none of them picks the call. Kibunja pisses off Omosh when he asks if he is the one who actually stole the money. He threatens to call Mrs Mutembei and he chases Kibunja away. When Kibunja finally goes to Mrs Mutembei’s office he is framed for stealing Mwikali’s money and Omosh for stealing Obija’s and Muriuki’s money. He is forced to go and look for Omosh and come to the staffroom.

Meanwhile Brandon is into stealing school property now. Since he has to pay his mother’s debts he is forced to steal with the help of Brandon he makes his first kill and he steals additional stuff. When he calls Byron to help him sneak out of the school Byron does not help him and he crosses him. When Brandon tries to sneak out Nzou, the school watchman finds him and they start arguing. Nzou rushes him to the staffroom and even when Byron tries to vouch for Brandon it turns into a fight that Mr Wanyama and Mr Kilunda have to break off.

Mr Kilunda and Wanyama take Brandon to the staffroom and ask him to remove everything in the bag and they find the schools speaker and some other supplies in the school. Mrs Mutembei is shocked and tries to find out what is wrong. Brandon goes on to confess about stealing Ms Obija’s, Mwikali and Mr Muriuki’s money and how Byron helped him do all that. The teacher’s watch in shock and when Omosh and Kibunja walk into the staffroom Ms Obija is apologetic.

My rating

I give the show a 7/10. It was a good show, the show has a new villain as compared to the usual suspects. I like that Byron is on the sidelines and played a mastermind role. This show had the usual suspect on break so at some point it seems looks like they want to rest the characters.



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