Binti mistakes Aziza for being pregnant … and many other stories on August 8’s show

Queen Mwangi

Queen Mwangi aka Bella in Aziza

So Aziza is finally going to be the ace of Fay Creations. Her shoot has been planned and everything. She meets up with Alpha who is super excited his plan is now getting into place. Any way things are moving fast around here and we need some break. I mean babies, others having feeling for each other.

Binti goes to find out what was happening at Chacha’s place. She finds Mosi there and they start arguing and she throws some serious shade at her and Mosi throws slippers at her. Those two would be neighbours to die for man I would never be bored.  She looks for Chiku who looks for her and she threatens to pour hot water on her (Binti) if she does not leave and she leaves thinking Aziza is pregnant. She leaves off and when she sees Bobo and tells him the “truth” that Aziza is pregnant and even proposes for him to marry her and get her pregnant. Binti really wants this guy this bad and he does not want her.

Zane is having a mental breakdown he even drinks at the office. His mother finds him and tells him that she does not want to see him drunk again at the office and takes the bottle with her. He is still calling Aziza and trying to get a hold of Chiku to recant the story. When Aziza learns that Zane is responsible for Chiku’s pregnancy she matches off to Zane’s office. She accuses him of raping her sister she even slaps him, not those soft slaps it was a really hard slap. When Alpha tries to calm the situation down Fay walks in and chases everyone out of Zane’s office and she sends Zane home to get some rest.

Meanwhile Bella and her sister are still planning something. Don’t you just love the plot twists around here? Her sister, Carmina is now the one in charge of causing trouble in Malkia Fay’s family. She shows Bella a news paper that shows that one of Fay’s children is responsible for the pregnancy for the pregnancy of the maid. She makes Bella feel bad for not locking one of the brother’s. Bella gets mad and chases Carmina out of her place.

My rating

The show is just having so many plot twists and things are not slowing down for us to catch a break. I give the show a 10/10. It is still one of the top ranking shows we have in Kenya and if you don’t believe me watch it.


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