LIST: Real names of actors of Citizen TV’s Aziza show

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Aziza – (real name) Sanaipei Tande

Chiku – Getrude Mwita

Mosi – Asha Abushiry

Chacha – Juma Mrisho

Zane – Benjamin Komora

Alpha – Samuel Komora

Fay – Betty Mwoche

Bella – Queen Mwangi (here is her interview with us)

Bobo – Juma Shibe

Binti – Neema Sulubu

Lilly – Stephanie Moseki

Lisa – Ndela Mwiriri

Hope (Bella’s Mum) – Dalila Mohamed

Choka – Washington Opanda

Carmina – Viupe Ofula


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  1. I enjoy watching Aziza!
    The actors are amazing , they act wholeheartedly.
    So far it the best….
    Everything flowing …
    The theme is coming out clearly
    keep it up.


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