A different conversation on unemployment on Aug 10’s Wicked Edition


The Wicked Edition poster (From Twitter)

Youth affairs were the big story yesterday on the Wicked Edition on NTV. Dr King’ori’s show has been given a Friday slot and it has not been disappointing; it’s like it’s on an edge.

Anyway, I like the new segment where he breaks down a few of the issues in a funny perspective while still having some perspectives on them.

This week, Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula was his cornerstone joke for this segment. This comes amid news that Duale only fears Uhuru, Raila and his wife.

However, for Dr King’ori, Wetangula only fears one person on this list and I’ll let you figure who.

Anyway, back to the main issue. He talked about the statistics of the challenge the youth face. The youth have had a huge problem with unemployment in Kenya and Dr King’ori brought out some sobering statistics on this. Seven million Kenyan youth are unemployed while the formal market employs only close to 60,000.

He went on to talk about the youth and how they have immense talent and a substitution of talent to earn a living. Actually, this was his main angle for the show, his argument being that if the formal market is only employing a small amount of people, that means that there is need for more people to use their talents in order to earn a living.

He also pointed out the immense pressure that talented people go through in getting jobs.

For instance, the talent of Onesmus Mwangi who built a helicopter was constantly threatened by the area district commissioner over his invention.

He never got a chance to test whether his aircraft can actually work or what he can do to improve. These small efforts to honour the inventions made by the youth are causing desperation among them, which has resulted in a high crime rate.

According to Gor Semelang’o, the former Youth Fund chairman who was the guest of the show, the government has good plans and policies and initiatives but implementation is the problem.

He went on to explain that it is important to have some confidence. He also emphasised on the need for hard work and just having to work hard and putting the time.

My rating

I think I like the Wicked Edition, not that I ever hated it but I like it better. I give this show an 8.5/10. It was just awesome. However, the conversation could have involved some more stakeholders.




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