Why the combination of Mamito, Jasper Murume and Proffesor Hamo killed it on Aug 12’s Churchill Show


Churchill show poster (courtesy of YouTube)

Churchill Show, which runs on NTV on Sundays, was a hot for the first time in a while. This episode ran highlights of a live recording session in Nanyuki, a town recently visited as part of Churchill’s One Laugh Tour.

He started the show like every other episode — talking the governor and making him dance together with some other county officials.

The show was Texas-themed: cowboys and hay because of the ranches in Nanyuki. Churchill does his research he does not fail to have a nicely-themed show. This time he did not disappoint.

The most interesting thing about his opening show was the time he showed a guy a drone in the streets. The guy was so excited and he wanted to buy the drone at Sh2,000.

Churchill even haggled for prices with him telling him to take it at 3,000. Though we do not know what happened in the end, what came out was the fact that the bargaining was just hilarious.

The first person to hit the stage this time was Jasper Murume. He has been missing his edge at Churchill and at some point appeared at Churchill Raw which is considered a bit lower in ratings.

This time, however, he got the main stage at 8pm on Prime Time. He did not disappoint — from the jokes about living in Githurai and having everything stolen from him and how he would rudely reply — only in his mind, though.

Mammito was next and did not fare badly, either. She joked about the guys who drink rent money: How they behavr like nothing has happened until they realise they have drunk everything and even owe the bar.

Proffessor Hamo was the final act of the show and he equally thrilled the crowd. There was his crazy observation about ugly guys having a lot of money and good looking guys not having anything in their pockets. He also addressed the crazy thoughts and things people say such as when a guy says “alikufa leo asubuhi and you reply “si nilikuwa na yeye tu Monday?”. So how does that help, really?

My rating

I think I’d rate the show at 9/10. It was just entertaining and it did not disappoint. The show, however, needs to do some rebranding of sorts. It needs to get back to bringing the best people on the show, including the new acts.



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