Phapha’s wife in a situation as a scandal hits Mafundi Limited on August 13’s show

MafundiMafundi, the new comedy on NTV every Monday, yesterday shed off the multiple client plots to focus on one person. A school wants its swings welded. Kigo gets Thitima to do the welding, only that there was a problem. One of Thitima’s biggest fears is fire and he just cannot stand it. Kigo convinces him and promises him a sweet pay day if he does the job. Thitima agrees to do the job and he goes for a meeting with the headmistress of the school. She suspects red flags about Thitima but lets him do the job.

Meanwhile, Phapha’s wife — Mama Kenania — wants to come and work at Mafundi Limited and work with him at his place.  Phapha tries to ignore the plea but she threatens and downplays his role at Mafundi Limited. Phapha pitches the idea to his colleagues and they call her in for an interview with Pato. Pato dresses up and when he asks her the questions a normal interviewer asks she gets rude. Pato refuses to give her a job and she leaves in fury.

Phapha goes home for lunch, only to find her to have added to much salt to the food. She forces him to eat all of it. He talks to Pato about what happened at his home and Pato tells him that she really wanted to work at Mafundi Limited as a cleaning lady. She comes in with a lot of rules that are hard for Sue, Thitima and the rest of the team.

Scandal hits Mafundi Limited when a kid falls on a swing Thitima repaired. The headmistress marches straight to Mr Kigo and demands to see Thitima and have her payment reversed.

Thitima learns that he was only paid half of the money she paid him, which makes him a bit mad about the whole thing. Things take a bad turn when the scandal gets to the media and trends on social media.

Sue changes things up and calls a radio station to talk about the issue and gets defensive and manages to change the narrative of the work of a fundi. She manages to change the hashtag from #FakeFundis to #FundiLivesMatter in just one interview.

She also gets in an argument with Mama Kenania when she uses her credit. She even moves a motion to have her fired and she wins.

My rating

The show should now start shifting from the comical part to focusing on solving the client problem. I liked the singular plot this week but we did not get to see how things ended with the swing and whether it was fixed. I give the show a rating of 7/10.



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