Aug 13’s My Two Wives show: Zac is in a dilemma and Purity has a secret crush

My two wives

My Two Wives poster

My Two Wives, a show that runs at 8pm on Mondays on KTN Home, just keeps getting better.

On the August 13 episode, Zac and Martin meet up for their usual friendly meeting. Martin complains about his love life to Zac and Zac offers some comfort. However, when Martin spots Linda — an office colleague of Zac’s — he decides that his problems are fixed and sets his eyes on her and decides to get her. He leaves the office in a hurry and goes to plan his next “move”.

Zac’s boss calls him in for an office chit chat. He tells him of his marriage being in trouble. He solicits for Zac’s moral support and makes him say that things will be better and he forces him to say that again. He sees Linda and is awed by her beauty. He makes Zac help him get her. Zac is at a crossroads and is torn between helping his friend and helping his boss get Linda.

When he approaches her, she seems interested in him more than Martin or his boss. She makes some moves on him and Zac behaves like a school boy who is being hit on for the first time.

When Martin gives Zac flowers to give her, she thinks they are from Zac and they even go for a date but it ends with Zac being poured water on because he confesses he is married.

They make up the next day and they clear up everything when Linda says she got back with her ex and Zac explains his position. When he explains to his boss that she is seeing someone he says he knows already and that he loves his wife again. Now twisted, right? Martin gets mad when he knows about Linda but does not seem too mad.

Meanwhile, Toni is in her usual element throwing tantrums and such. She calls Zac about dinner in the evening and he says he will be busy. She calls her nail spa and they say they are closed. She gets mad and scolds the customer care attendant and they hang up on her.

She rushes to Monique’s place and complains about the whole issue and she takes her out for a drink. She decides to open a nail spa and even cancels her date with Zac. When she pitches the idea to Monique, she refuses because she wants to name the business Toni’s Spa. This pisses off Monique and she leaves and it takes a day before the two make up.

Purity has a crush and it is on Edu, Dama’s shop guy. She hits on him and tries to give him so many signals. She suspects that Dama is trying to see get him for himself and they have a spat. Purity gets to know that Edu is an old friends of Zac’s and that Edu is actually married and has kids.

My rating

The drama is ripe; the story line is fine. I like the fact they take time to accommodate every character. I give the show a rating of 10/10. It was a nice show.

One thing, though: the plots end so quickly that the character build-up is not there. Maybe the directors should check on that and build a life and separate plot twists for the episodes.


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