Media Watch: Maybe we don’t need to know what riparian land is but can we at least know what the Nairobi regeneration plan is

The media since last week has been covering the demolishing of building in the city of Nairobi. From the demolishing of South End Mall, Nakumatt Ukay and to mention a few.Things have been pretty rough for business men and the government. However I am not here to be the business man’s advocate after all I am not supposed to be partial to anyone.

The media has been quick to site the reasons for the demolishing being that the land is on riparian land. The meaning of riparian land is not known to many people or just being known vaguely. Little has been done to do public education when it comes to these demolitions. Personally I just woke up to building being dismantled left right and center. Though it is clear the buildings are interrupting the river courses and in turn causing floods in Nairobi it is not clear why they were built there.

Though this has been outlined as a bigger plan for the Nairobi Regeneration team and program very little is known about the Nairobi regeneration plan. A spot check on the Nairobi City county website and records do not record the plan and what it entails. This puts into question on how the plan is being implemented with little or no public participation or public knowledge. Though timeframes have been put in place it is coming as a surprise for the media and the county.

The other thing is who authorized the building on riparian land. The media now needs to take time to do some research and find out who authorized the building of land that is near rivers. This will go a long way to get justice for nature. The owners of the buildings also need to explain how they got the permits and who authorized them and say whether they were given time to clear out there malls. The media also needs to question whether the government will be doing any prosecutions. The media has put little pressure on the office of Director of Public Prosecutions as to whether they will be doing the cases.

Personally the media could have done better. The matter has been less politicized and it would be easy to get some of the answers when it is such the case. Let’s get the story straight and make sure that things are done well for once and for all and have a story that is objective.



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