Queen brings her baby to school so she cannot miss her exam on Aug 14’s Tahidi High

tahidi high

Mr Karimi, Ms Obija and Mr Kilunda (courtesy of Hivisasa.com)

Turns out Brandon can get off the trouble train any time soon. Since he confessed to everything and the involvement of Byron in the whole thing and the fact that he just wanted to help his mother offset a debt he had.

Kilunda and Karimi are charged with the responsibility of making sure they get back the school’s headlights from the car guy who is Brandon’s mum debtor.  However when they get there and they threaten him with taking him to the police he does not seem even disturbed at all about that.

Queen comes with the baby to the school. She cannot miss an exam and she cannot leave her kid at home alone and her nanny walked out in the morning. She wonders who she should leave the baby with, Kellen does not want the baby and Nzou does not want to be left alone with the baby. Mrs Ngatia comes to save the day and she gets the baby for Queen. However she is met with a lot of resistance by Mama Jimmy and Kellen but she still discharges her duties.

Meanwhile, Queen goes and convinces Mr Wanyama to let her do the exam though she is one hour late. He gives her the one hour to do the paper. When the exam has come to the end she finds Mrs Mutembei and Mrs Ngatia and she is forced to explain that she had no choice. Mrs Ngatia has been having a lot of trouble with the administration from the party to being a nanny for Queen’s baby. This time though I do not think she did anything wrong. She should be given a raise. Queen is told to take the baby home.

The class gets into a conversation on how Queen is really doing a great thing not missing exams. Maya does not seem to be buying it though. She says she thinks Queen enjoys the attention and that she is just doing this for show and nothing else. She does not seem to be taking pity on her at all.

My rating

This episode should cause a discussion on how pregnant school mothers are treated at home and school. It is important to make sure that they have a space and a place in society to do school and still be mothers. I give the show a rating 9/10. However the discussion seems to be muzzling some characters like Farouk and most teachers.



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