Chiku almost makes a confession to Aziza on Aug 15’s show


Neema Sulubu who plays Binti

Aziza, the star of the show that runs with the same name on Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Citizen TV, is not getting any closure about Chiku’s pregnancy.

She decides to visit her sister to finally know the truth. When she asks if Zayne raped her, Chiku denies it and says she willingly slept with him. She tries to confess about not loving Zayne but things are not easy. The emotions are just high and Aziza keeps jumping into conclusions.

Malkia Fay is also having problems of her own. Her family’s private issues are now in the Press and who is to blame according to her? Lilly.

Well, we do not know who is to blame but she argues with Liilly about it. Lilly tries to clear up the whole thing but she is not listening to her at all. Lilly brings up Ronnie (Fay’s husband)  and it seems this is where the problems start. Those two will never see eye-to-eye on anything; no come-to-Jesus moment for those two.

When Chiku finally wants to tell Aziza the truth, Mosi and Chacha (their parents) walk in and Mosi throws tantrums about her and warns her sister. Mosi takes it upon her to throw her outside the house and make sure she does not come back. Aziza leaves humbly but she is spotted by Binti. Come to think of it: Binti is always hovering around the place.

Bella is off her game, her sister Camilla is ruling her house and life and Bobo confronts her about the issue and how things are becoming complicated. Bobo is livid when he walks into her house and starts shouting at her. She tries to comfort him and telling things are under control but he says that Aziza is pregnant. She is shocked and seems disturbed but before they even finish talking, Camilla walks in, forcing Bobo to walk out.

Camilla is not done causing drama. She is now going to bring their mother to live in Bella’s home. Bella is against it but Camilla will hear none of it.  She tells her that it is time now that her mother comes home. Camilla is just so headstrong. She is the person to watch the next few episodes.

My rating

This week’s episode still caught my eye. The show still does it for me. It deserves a 10/10. This week though Alpha and Zayne’s were not present. They are series regulars who were not there this week.

CORRECTION: Last week, we ran a story that Camilla’s name is Carmina. We would like to correct that her name is Camilla in the series.




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