Dr King’ori talks women on Aug 17’s Wicked Edition


The Wicked Edition poster (Courtesy Twitter)

The Wicked Edition on August 17 was super hilarious and just edgy. The show, which is almost nearing its 100th episode, has undergone so much transformation and has grown to be a household name. I never estimated it would grow this big from the time I started reviewing it two years ago.

On his round of news this week, Dr King’ori discussed a major issue which has been subject to our hilarious jokes and memes — Waititu’s views on the demolitions in Nairobi and the fact he suggested that maybe we should move the rivers from their courses and keep the building intact.

Dr Kingori went all out on this statement and made a lot of puns about it and just said maybe he did not mean it. He also discussed the annoying fact that Sonko’s calls kept leaking. Honestly I stopped counting the number of times his calls have leaked. This is a story for another day.

The main issue of the show was women and their characterization and the fact that they have to work twice as hard as men to get to where they are now. Dr Kingori did a bit of research and he even played a clip of Rachel Shebesh said about women and politics.

He pointed out the backlash media houses have received for objectifying women who are given a major role in corporate and government positions. The latest being the appointment of Kanze Dena to be Deputy Director of the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit.  Women are always identified as women when they are given a position. Their experience is put in the background when they are elected to public office.

The guest for the show was actress Jacky Vike aka Awinja. She talked about some of the issues that most women face in the acting industry. She pointed out the characterization she got from a Mama Mboga because she acted as a call girl in Nairobi Half Life.

However, she at some point started taking it as a positive thing because she nailed the acting gig and that she did a good job on it.

She also went out to talk about the problems women face when they are famous or are powerful face. The fact they cannot ride big cars because they will be seen as if they are being treated by sponsors. She is also very mad about the fact that some women are slowly becoming dependant on sponsors and not working hard to get to the places they plan to reach.

My rating

I would give the show a rating of 8/10. The show was very funny and good. Dr King’ori is growing as a comedian and a TV host. His jokes are just off the hook and he is definitely going to make this show a hit that will bring in revenue to Nation Media Group in a few years.



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