I wish MCA Tricky continued being a chokoraa

MCA Tricky 4

MCA Tricky narrates a street encounter when he used to play the part of a street child. YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB


How long should the facade have lasted? I think, forever. MCA Tricky should have continued being a chokoraa and not try puns.

He should have continued regaling us with tales of Piento and his street girlfriend Katunge and his street squad. He should have continued looking for the humour in Nairobi streets, mocking slay queens who lose shoes, calling men “uncle” and such.

MCA Tricky 3

The “Chokoraa” MCA Tricky doing his thing on stage. YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB

Tricky should have remained with the persona that made him famous in the first pace. He should have retained that creased coat, that haggard look, that coyness, that street vibe. He should have remained a chokoraa.

But as soon as he became a household name, I think he dropped his guard. I’m told his handlers at Churchill Show tried hard to protect his street boy persona but it appears Tricky himself became the cat that let itself out of the bag. How good would it have been for him if he remained anonymous and left everyone guessing whether he is still a chokoraa?

When he changed to the usual comedy, the results were obvious. Soon, he was struggling to make people laugh. His audiences that once used to remain dead quiet as they listened to his funny tales began to struggle to find jokes in the words of the rebranded comedian.

Not long afterwards, Tricky lost the coveted final spot on the Churchill Show, which is ordinarily meant for the hottest comedian of the day. His performance time soon shrank and nowadays it is as if he is no longer part of Churchill Show.

But to his credit, Tricky has re-branded himself pretty well outside the Churchill Show, having created a YouTube channel where he posts humorous skits with his co-actor being Nyachio, who made his name in the Real Househelps of Kawangware. Most of the skits are humorous and the strategy is working for Tricky.

MCA Tricky 1

MCA Tricky (right) in a skit recently uploaded on his YouTube channel. YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB

What if, just what if, he remained the chokoraa we knew? I have been on earth long enough to know that no one can stay funny forever. Professor Hamo who was once a humour hotspot is nowadays as stale as a dried bark, and I wonder why Churchill still gives him the final slot on most Sundays.

Even Eric Omondi reached a phase where he could no longer bring the house down, and he must have found a soft landing as he left. Even Owago Onyiro “Ichieni”, once a red-hot asset, reached a time when his graph went down.

But Tricky is a special kind of brain, if the jokes usually cracks are anything to go by. With some management and planning, he could have lasted longer in the game, coming up with funnier and funnier tales.

I bet, he would even bag more endorsements and continue being the ambassador for fair treatment of street children. But it is an opportunity he squandered.

Tricky, if you read this, know that this fan of yours wants you to go back to the streets and not try being a Trevor Noah. Street comedy made you and you should go back to nurturing it.

MCA Tricky 2

MCA Tricky in a skit recently uploaded on his YouTube channel. YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB






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