Aug 17: Jay A bounces back, interview with a Mexican who speaks Swahili on The Trend


Amina Abdi (Courtesy of

Jay A is officially back in the music industry and what better way to announce it than appearing on July 17’s The Trend show on NTV?

Though he was not given the opening performance slot he was given a chance to perform some of his hits. From his hit song ‘Dumbala’ with Sage to his latest track ‘Murder’ which he is using as his bounce-back song.

He sat down with Amina to talk about what he has been doing. He has been busy studying in school and has been working on a couple of songs and would be releasing them one by one.

Next up on the show was Edgar Manad who came to Kenya to study Theology but instead quit his job and decided that he will go into music. He grew up in Mexico and in 2014 he decided to quit his call to become a priest and decided that he will instead go into music. He surprisingly does not sing spiritual music but secular music.

Arrow Bwoy, Timmy Tdat and Brigit Blue who is Kaka Empire’s newest artist came on to the show also. For a minute Kaka Empire took over the show because they came with Kaka Empire’s Dj JR. The performances were not boring and they were really interesting. Brigit went first with her soul music then Timmy Tdat with his many songs came in after him and performed his songs. Arrow Bwoy came in to play a game that Amina about smells and food and she threw in a shoe and some socks. She then talked to them about their new song Mary Jane which is a song about drug abuse and how they are using it to push for less substance abuse in Kenya and the world over.

Kagwe Mugnai closed the round of interviews. He has been doing a lot of work and he came to show to premier some of his work and a chit chat interview. He did a nice job performing some of the work he has released this year. Amina also asked about his love for singing for women and that he likes doing that. He even brought Amina a present of flowers.

My rating

I would give the show a rating of 8.5/10. No technical hitches and the fact that the show ran smoothly throughout made me not to want to change the channel. Her guests were not so diverse though it was a lot of musicians.   


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