Why Mwende made Aug 19’s Churchill Show fun to watch


Churchill show poster (courtesy of Youtube)

Churchill Show that runs on Sunday evenings on NTV is slowly coming back to shape after a few months of being in limbo and almost becoming a boring show.

The show  has been mixing new and old comedians who have given the show a new feel. Churchill who had appeared to take a break is finally back in his element.

This week the highlight of the show was Mwende. Mwende has been the breakout star of the show this year. She has been able to keep the audience laughing on both Churchill Raw and Churchill Show.

This week she went all out from labelling herself the only surviving slay queen from Ukambani. She went on to give hilarious stories and comparing English and Swahili and how English is normally good at making things look nice. For example it is easy to call someone a cowboy and not call her ng’ombe msichana. I mean, who would want to call someone a cowboy in Swahili?

This week also saw the return of Njoro on the stage. I have not seen him in a while and he made sure he brought the house down.

He has not given up his persona ever since he came to stage and has always stuck to the comparison of his father and by extension his family and Western parents. He also has not removed his father’s character out of his presentations, making his message relatable and has been able to keep his image.

Zeddy and Rashid Abdalla also kept the house laughing to their jokes. Zeddy made jokes about Nanyuki and also threw in some jokes about Wakorino and how they have specific jobs and what women do their husbands when they do not want them to go out. They simply throw all their vilemba’s in water for washing.

MCA Tricky 4MCA Tricky who was saved for last has totally changed his image. From his lowly chokora character which endeared him to the public to puns. He was not so much powerful; his transition is somehow hurting his brand as he is no longer relatable to the ordinary person and though one might argue he is slowly changing his game for the long run I’d rather he mix it up a little and make sure that he has both people on board.

My rating

I give the Churchill show a slightly higher rating than I gave it last week. 9.5/10 because of the diversity the show had last week and the act that new acts did better than last week’s.


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