The call that almost changed Toni and Zack’s life on August 20’s My Two Wives

My two wives

My Two Wives poster

My Two Wives, a series that runs on KTN Home on Mondays 8pm, was dope on its August 20 episode.

Zack’s mother calls him to inform him of the ceremony to inherit Dama. He tries to dodge everything but it seems his mother wants to do this once and for all. He goes into the house and finds Toni at home. Toni immediately notices that Zack has some problem but when he tries to tell her Dama keeps interrupting and Zack is forced to say that he lost his wallet. Toni storms off to her room I do not know how she realized that he was lying though. Toni is so mad at him that she does not even talk to him in the morning and she tells Dama everything about the ceremony. Dama gets mad when he says they should do the ceremony and get the burden away with. Seriously Zack is just pissing off everyone.

Toni talks to Monique about their marital issues and why he thinks Zack is lying. They decide to go and search his stuff at home and find out what is really the problem. When they are searching she realizes he was lying about his wallet. Turns out he lost his wallet according the story he gave the previous day. Turns out he left under the bed.

Toni waits for Zack who now for sure has lost his wallet gets home to find Toni in crazy mood. She forces him to say the truth about everything. He confesses that they will have to make sure they have done the ceremony because they have no option. Toni gets hysterical and storms off to the room and goes to the bedroom and leaves Zack to sleep on the couch. Dama finds Zack on the couch and she asks him what is wrong. She tells her that everything will be okay and when Zack confesses about having feelings for her she says she has feelings for someone else.

When Zack tries to clear things up with Toni, she refuses to get why he has to bend towards tradition. She refuses to give his wallet and goes with his car to Monique’s place. She is sure she has him by the ropes but Dama has a plan to get them to shags, they use her savings to go there. They go and are met with the village council of elders and some villagers for the ceremony. Things get thick when Dama and Zack are thrown in a room and told to have sex however even before they do anything Toni shows up.

She cites for reasons the ceremony not to happen and in the end elders are forced to stop the ceremony. Toni really knows how to save her man from trouble.

My rating

The show third week gets a rating of 10/10. The show had a good plot. The huge picture of Dama, Toni and Zack’s relationship came to the forefront. The show was definitely a hit.



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