An assignment opens the truth about Kigo’s shadiness; Sauda has a crush on Aug 20’s Mafundi


Mafundi, the new comedy on NTV that airs on Mondays at 7.30pm, was quite a nice show on its Aug 20 episode.

Phapha, Thitima and Pato are just chilling they do not have a project to work on this week. They are busy talking to Regie (mtu wa mayai).  However Sue walks in and gives them a job. They are going to work at a construction site.

This hits them all by surprise because they do not want to go and work at a site. The last time they worked there they almost died because the building collapsed and thus they joined together to form a company and make their lives better. Sue convinces them to go out and do the job because they cannot sit around the office the whole day. They agree and go out to the site.

They go to the site and the lady asks for the bank details for Mafundi Limited and they have to go back to the office. They meet Kigo and they persist on getting the company bank account, he gives them the bank account details. When the contractor runs the bank account details she finds out that the bank account is just a 1 to 10 in order. On further research she finds that Kigo has been having debt problems in all East African countries and is wanted by the police in Burundi and Rwanda.  To add to the problems he has listed himself as the biggest shareholder in Mafundi Limited and Pato, Phapha and Thitima only have 1 share each. They search for Kigo in his office and they force him to go to Huduma Center to change all the things he had written on the company paper at the registry.

Meanwhile Sauda is crushing hard on Regie the guy who hawks eggs. She just sees him and gets all giddy and excited about him. Sue notices it and confronts her about it. at first she refuses to accept it and she decides to not talk about but on second thought she tells her that she really has a crush on him. Sue asks what she will do and when she says nothing she does not take it in. she comes to the office the next day and gives Sauda a complete makeover. She even gets a hold of Regie and tells him that they have tears up his shirt “by mistake”. She fixes his shirt and she gets to know him better and she keeps talking about herself too much though and Sue tells her to let him talk a bit also and tells her not to talk about her past.  The “date” goes so well until Mama KDF messes it by throwing out Regie and forces Sue and Sau to buy KDFs but they refuse.

My rating

I give this week’s show a rating of 8/10. The story line, however, needs to change a bit if they want to net the whole family audience which watches 7.30pm TV during dinner time. They need to make it a bit more mature and such. All in all, the show was nice.


One thought on “An assignment opens the truth about Kigo’s shadiness; Sauda has a crush on Aug 20’s Mafundi

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