Ian and Sophie get in trouble; OJ and Rohan cannot believe they got played in Aug 21’s Tahidi High

tahidi high

It is exam season in Tahidi High. The term is almost over and everyone is just looking for time to relax. Karimi is busy invigilating exams and he notices that there are some students who are not sitting in for exams. He shuffles the sitting arrangement a bit then gives out the exam papers.

When he steps out, the drama that unfolds is just spectacular. Guys start asking each other questions and others pull out there small hand written notes (mwakenya) and start copying.

Mr Karimi finds two people just before the exam Ian and Sophie were exchanging exam papers and he caught them right in the middle of exchanging papers.

He takes them to the staffroom but before he just enters the room Mama Sophie and Mrs Mutembei walk past them. They have an exchange and Mama Sophie walks out on all of them and goes home leaving Sophie in tears and an exam cancelled.

Mrs Ngatia and Mama Sophie also have an altercation. When Mrs Ngatia brings tea to the office she sees her and she thinks she is a lady interested in her husband. She leaves off but when he spots her she warns her not to get involved with her husband. Mama Sophie is just getting a lot of trouble in that school.

Anyway so back to the battle for Mwikali; Mwikali is just having a hard time. She goes to Jennifer; they have an argument about how Mwikali treated her. Jennifer chooses to listen to her and help her out. Mwikali tells her about the problems she has with the men hitting on her in school. Jenifer listens to her and exchanges a lot of thoughts about the same. They are now suddenly become friends and she almost lets out the secret she is Kilunda’s niece.

Mwikali then runs into Omosh and they talk about everything. She chooses to forgive him for everything she did. They even hug but OJ and Rohan are surprised that they lost to Omosh. And we all thought that Mwiks had a crush on Rohan she was just playing and she just wants to be friends with him. Seems like things are just getting complicated around here and no one wants to admit it.

My rating

The show generally and overally is just good and entertaining. The exams plot is good smart and relatable. The love triangle of Mwikali, OJ, Omosh and Rohan is something that will keep us forever entertained. I give the show a rating of 8.5/10.



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