Aziza’s Aug 22 episode: the main character is now a poster girl!

The Aziza show that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday evening and re-runs on Sunday afternoons continues to draw good reviews.

In the August 22 episode, Aziza leaves her place and goes to some slum in Mombasa. She stays in a place where she just looks confused and just sits there, weeping about her parents chasing her away.

But she meets someone who plays good music in the slum and listens to his songs. It is the best guitar solo I have heard in a Kenyan programme in a while.

She then leaves for her hotel room. She calls Alpha from there and tells him that she is ready to go into modelling. Alpha offers to pick her up but she refuses, telling him to meet her at the studio.

Alpha shows up to cheer her up and to direct the whole shoot. He even makes her smile even though she is sad about everything. They quickly edit the photos and Alpha bribes a journalist to put Aziza into the next day’s newspaper.

The next day, Malkia Fay and her staff meet to discuss the company’s sales and Alpha soon comes in then gives them the day’s paper, telling them to go through it.

They see Aziza’s face on the paper and they are impressed. Well, except Zane who questions when the shoot was done and how things are done. However, the meeting is adjourned because they are sure that the prices of the company will grow a bit.

Mosi and Chacha talk about their situation and how their children are just messed up. Mosi tells him that it is Aziza to blame because she introduced her sister Chiku to the weird family lifestyle.

Chacha also says that Chiku is just as stupid for going after boys. Mosi agitates for Chiku to marry Zane and sort out issues later.

Chacha says something that pisses Mosi off and she goes out. She goes to Chiku and starts telling her how she is useless and that they have the power to change their lives now.

Chiku is still skeptical about marrying Zane since she does not even love him. Her mother just does not seem to care about the love part. She just wants to get out of poverty and she sees Chiku as the chance to do so.

My rating

This week I give the show a rating of 10/10. It is just taking a different plot and it kind of slowed down a bit; but it is a good thing. Maybe, something good is coming next week.

Binti and Bobo are given a supporting role. Bella and her sister were not part of this week’s shoot and Lilly was also amiss. It seems this week the action was just minimal. Though simple, it still was a good show.


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