DAVID: Why Dr King’ori’s Wicked Edition has been focusing on the youth

The Wicked Edition that runs on NTV on Fridays at 7.30pm was discussing youth affairs again on its August 24 episode.

The show that discusses lots of issues has been keen on pushing the agenda on the youth and job creation. There are reasons why youth have to be a point of focus.

  1. Kenya’s largest population is the youth

The show has capitalised on a youthful demographic for its target audience. The fact that most youths love watching television has been a cornerstone for the show. Dr King’ori has been keen on ensuring their voice is heard and has been tackling topics that are youth-centered and, though politically driven, very little political analysis is put in there.

  1. A lot of them are unemployed

Something that has affected most youths in Kenya is the fact that a majority of them have been consistently unemployed. This due to the fact that most of jobs in formal sector cannot match the large workforce that has been coming out of university and tertiary institutions. According to unemployment numbers in 2016 the amount of unemployed people in Kenya was 39.1% while 70% of this number is considered to be largely the youth.

  1. It is high time leaders were put to account

The media has been very silent on the ticking time bomb that is unemployment. This is because they have not sought out to know what exactly is causing this problem. Most media members have been largely silent about bringing leaders to account.

However, Dr King’ori has been very keen about having these conversations with different people.

He has hosted former youth fund chair Gor Semelang’o and yesterday he hosted Walter “Nyambane” Mong’are who is youth affairs director in the office of the president.

He has been keen to know how it is possible that things are created but there is no follow-through in the government and why the system is not geared towards helping the people.

He is determined to see things flowing for the youth and not just stagnating at the youth office.

My rating

I think Dr King’ori is taking seriously his social change role as a comedian.

In fact, he should be made a regular late night host because he is pushing the right agenda in the country. He should do more of this and push for more change.

I give the show a rating of 8/10 for his agenda push.


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