Prodigal IEBC commissioners: Nation Media Group issues stinging editorial

The Nation Media Group is not mincing its words on the circus going on at the IEBC. In an editorial in the August 24 edition of the Saturday Nation, its criticism of the electoral body’s commissioners is stinging.

In the editorial it reads 0720826312in part:

 We note the High Court recently ruled that the resignation of the commissioners, including Paul Kurgat, was unprocedural, hence cannot stand in law. Fair enough but legalese aside, in practice the mere fact that one puts in a letter of resignation and in this case, makes a public pronouncement about it, is a statement of discontent with an institution, hence cannot continue working there. Here is a matter of public service which requires public trust. Once an individual declares he or she has no faith in an institution, how can the public trust him or her to work there and deliver on the mission?

The editorial goes on to observe that it is now becoming a circus at the election body and is now becoming a public trust matter rather than just the interest of few individuals. The election body has had a rocky 2017 and 2018 after the resignation of at least four of its commissioners.

Roselyn Akombe  resigned last year, then vice chair Connie Maina, Margret Mwachanya and Paul Kurgat also resigned early this year. This aside, a procurement drama has seen the suspension of CEO Ezra Chiloba.

The piece goes on to emphasise  the need to restore some sense of public trust in the country.

We need to build and restore faith in institutions. We have argued time and again that IEBC must be reorganised because, as currently constituted, it cannot be trusted with managing elections. It suffers serious credibility crisis.

They even go ahead to call to action Wafula Chebukati to ensure he makes his position known about the commissioners who have come back to work.

This comes after Wafula Chebukati avoided giving a press statement about the whole issue and instead tried to change the narrative by releasing an internal audit of the election.

This is is not the first time NMG has had an hard-hitting editorial about an institution.

In 2015 it came under fire for its end-year editorial which urged the president “get his house in order”.



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