Aug 24: When The Trend took an outdoor approach. Did it work?

The Trend, a show that runs on Fridays on NTV at 8pm and 10pm, took an interesting turn on its August 24 episode.

This time they were doing the show live on location at Qwetu students’ rresidence in Ruaraka, as part of the venture’s marketing campaign.

It was a good show; a bit different from the normal show.

The show featured Ni Sisi band, Vivian, Amani G and many other artistes.

It kicked off with a hype set from Hype Danaby and Dj Bobby who mixed up secular and gospel music in their set and kept the place all warmed up.

Ni Sisi Band were next,  and they performed their song Abamchikicha and rendition of some songs like Nyashinski’s Hayawani. The performances were just off the hook and kept everyone entertained.

Next up was Vivian and she performed most of her songs. The show had the crowds singing to Chum Chum and many other songs she sang. She then sat for an interview with Amani G.

They talked about a lot of things, from her career and how she is working to bring in more female acts into the industry.

Vivian described how hard it is to get into the industry and how she has been patient and how she has had to wait to get to where she is now.

Her marriage also came into the spotlight. She said she is feeling happy and fulfilled; being married to someone and is finding it rewarding being married to someone and having someone to share her life with. She even brought her daughter Natalie to the set and, though she was shy, it was a cute gesture.

Talking about her new projects, Vivian discussed her new song with Kenya’s newest sensation Amani G and why she felt like she needed to work with her.

She said  she just wanted to give Amani G a chance and that it was something good that her talent has been discovered early.

Amani G talked about her being discovered and now working at Pine Creek Records and how she is balancing her work and school life. She has the talent and has the brains and seems like she will shine in the next few years.

My rating

It is a bold move going out of the studio. Balancing the studio elements with Usha in studio was a positive thing.

However, the show needs to seek a different approach when doing live shows. They should instead capitalise on the live audience as the main feedback source and not just shouting heads.  I give this week’s show an 8/10.



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