Churchill and MC Jessy’s performance was the star of Aug 16’s show

Churchill was in a happy mood and he kept the crowd excited and happy. He wowed the audience with some old-school music: from Hammer to some Kenyan hits from Nameless back in the day.

Churchill also welcomed back MC Jessy who was in London for a month. He talked about his stay there and how it felt being there for the whole month. He discussed the crazy amount of love that he received over there and expressed his amazement at how people watch the show from far and wide.

The performance by the two comedy kings in the country was just epic and they kept the crowd happy with their bromance. Chgurchill’s YouTube channel has also reached 500,000 views on YouTube, becoming one of the the largest shows in East Africa.

Bernard Otieno who was a contestant from Top Comic was the first person to come to the show after Churchill and MC Jessy. Otieno has been doing well appearing most times on the Churchill Show rather than on Churchill Raw which is considered a newbies’ platform.  His jokes were good, with him using analogies and word play to describ the life of mjengo guys.

Zeddy was next on the show. Zeddy always has brief jokes; no long narratives. This time she went for short people and people who wear glasses for being stubborn. She also joked that fat people are nice beings who rarely get mad about anything. Well, apart from food. She also described how manicure and pedicure personnel turn women on when doing their thing.

On the guests’ section, Churchill sat down with Gedion Kyallo who is the director of Gold Schools in Kileleshwa and Imara Daima.

Once labelled “most useless student” in school, he now runs a school and is a respected business leader. He narrated his rise from grass to grace — from a cleaner to where he is now.

These interviews have always made the show good because it brings a human side to comedy and just spreads the message even when having a comedy show. They make the show have some impact on society.

My rating

The show was over all good. I give it a 7.5/10. The comedians, though funny, could have done better. The new comedians are proving to be better than the old guard. In this case I am talking about Bernard Otieno whose game is slowly getting better and better.


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