Unpacking Sophia Wanuna’s interview with Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetang’ula and Eugene Wamalwa

July 20 was a unique day for Moses Wetangula and Eugene Wamalwa as they set aside their long drawn out political feud for the betterment of the country and increase chances for the Luhya community and having Luhya Unity for 2022 polls. The handshake in turn roped in Musalia Mudavadi in the mix and the trio is now committed to fighting the sugar crisis in the country and in the Sugar belts in the country.

They sat down with Sophia on KTN News’ August 27 prime time show and had a little chat about the issues that affect sugarcane farmers. Here are some highlights.

  1. Sugar industry problems?

The leaders seem to be making this their cornerstone issue for politics and policy. They have come up with an effective plan on how to handle the whole thing. Their proposition for remedying the current situation is, first, by forming a commission of inquiry. However the idea of a commission of inquiry was challenged by Sophia and many other viewers.

  1. Should CS’s resign after this debacle?

From the implication of Finance Cabinet secretary Henry Rotich to former Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed, no one has taken responsibility. When Wamalwa was asked about that, he was cagey with the details and gave a winding statement instead of just coming out with a ‘Yes or ‘No’ answer.  Musalia and Wetang’ula, however, went for the jugular here and called for the resignation of the two.

  1. What does the unification of the three leaders mean?

The question of whether there will ever be unification of all the Luhya leaders seems to be far from over. They seem to believe that they will be able to present one voice when it comes to the election. However their national appeal seems to be lacking and it is something that Sophia Wanuna pointed out. They seem to be very defensive about this and they tried to justify their unification not to be about tribe only but about policy.

My rating

Sophia was good in this interview. She had the tough questions and she didn’t struggle about going off message or anything. I give the interview a rating of 8/10.



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